Realization of design is achieved through precise and responsible construction. Fantasia engineering department has many years of hands-on experience working with well-known construction companies. Through rigorous training and demand for excellence, the integration of various departments within Fantasia Design makes spatial aesthetic and engineering quality a reality, creating client’s ideal comfortable and blissful living environment. Fulfilling client’s demands and preferences, realizing their dream living atmosphere through professional perception and presentation; combining all objects and colors in the most harmonizing proportion and combination, through the integration of contemporary art culture, the goal is to create an end product that lives up to client’s expectation of international design.

Regularly attend major international furniture exhibition, grasp the trend

Cross-industry cooperation, organizing art curation, inject new life aesthetic attitude

Using environmentally friendly building material, partnering coordination and proportion

Diverse channel of home furnishing suggestion, complete interpretation of space and vitality

Textile artsuggestions, creating personalized taste, coordinate rich level of beauty

Knowledgeable in art collection, unique perception, construct elegant homes

Won numerous Taiwan and International recognition and awards

We can help you in any project

IDAN advocates divergent aesthetic philosophy, combining art with furnishing in space design, actively unifyingvarious disciplines such as visual art, display culture, cultural space, and fragrance taste, extending and creating new and elegant modern style.