Project Description


Kinship among family members needs to be integrated through space. A place that binds us emotionally, the home is a warm harbor that will always be available for us to dock our weary soul.

Overall color tone of the space is reduced; open space kitchen of wooden material enhances the emotional temperature. Family member’s heart is strung together by delectable cuisine.

Geometric line pieced together echoes with patterns on glass screen by the foyer. Overall design is sleek and crisp and it brings out the quality of the space and uniting neo-classic style with contemporary line to create a neutral art space.

Pear shape decorative art piece accents a living space that is sturdy and rich, giving the room additional focal point. Through planning, the barriers that separated the rooms were removed; the living room, dining room, and kitchen come together to create a flow of traffic, allowing all the joyful laughter and memory to permeate throughout the house.