Project Description

Implementing humanistic living through art optimization

When busy city slickers return home, what they want to do most is to break the shackle of the everyday; to breathe freely. As it turns out, returning home is the start of a vacation!

Complete redesign to layout of the entire space, the implementation of surrounding traffic movement concept strings together the space, inducing natural light to increase the brightness of the room while simultaneously achieve the effect of enlarging the living space so the resident can enjoy a home life that is private but not segregated. Inducing sunlight into the room vitalizes the feel of the room, so even when working at home the resident can bask in a blissful atmosphere.

A beveled triangular area comes into view when entering the room. The designer divided this space to serve three main functions, allowing the area to be used to its capacity. The first is the cloakroom; vintage rustic metal and tile are paired with light color pebbles, the contrast of light and dark colors creates a contemporary vibe. Entering the dining area it transforms into a German Dual Zone Wine Cellar, becoming a compact mini bar when equipped with wine glass rack. Finally it serves as storage. Clear glass panel separates the foyer’s sitting area, so that the line of sight can pierce directly into the adjacent study.

Wooden floor panel is not painted to display the material’s natural beauty; its oiled finish allows the wood’s sheen and texture to be visible. Imported degradable recycle wallpaper constructs a healthy and burden-free living condition, so staying at home feels just as relaxing and comfortable as being in the great outdoors. Specially designed television cabinet is used to separate the working area of the study and the living room, allowing light to travel freely in the open space and breaking the feel of segregation. The 140cm tall television cabinet acts as a divider that maintains the independence of the rooms without creating a visual barrier.

In the open dining area, the space is configured with L-shape cooking area and large dual layer ovens. Double layer Swarovski chandelier custom-ordered by the designer for the hostess is the brightest focus point of the area. Expandable center island design allows for house party even with limited space.