Project Description

Modern Purple, Luxurious Space

Complicated and elaborate design cannot “thrive” in ordinary home. If every piece of furniture at home is crafted like work of art, people will not have the sense of security. The designer uses “modern luxury” as the creative idea, using color and furniture to compliment one another, and incorporate selected point of emphasis so the fast pace of city life can be thoroughly consoled at home.

Black and purple are color tones that symbolize absolute luxury, but too much of either one can be overly intense and pressing. Lowering the saturation of black and replacing it with gray, urban fashion style can be preserved while maintaining the luxurious taste.

On common level, home is a lifestyle. On a deeper level, home is a longing. In the fast-pace urban city after a day of bustle, home is the absolute refuge for any city dweller. When every corner of the home brings about nostalgia and when it evokes fondness in your heart when you are traveling, that is the very definition of comfortable modern space uniquely your own.