Project Description

Story told through Painting

Some people devote their whole life to art. Is it then possible that a space come into being for the sake of art? Sailed across the sea is a painting by Aglaé Bassens, a picture that depicts the longing for a lifestyle. Because of this painting, a space is born; because of this painting, a space has new vitality; because of this painting, we see a space that possesses both quality and comfort, complimenting and come into being with art.

A piece of art work rich with story can set the tone for a space, extending a series of arrangement according to this piece of artwork. When it is strung together in a logical manner, a unique style for this space is formed. Every detail of the arrangement, light fixture, to light board, is paired with the topic. This is what Fantasia Design creates for its clients: custom built, one-of-a-kind living space, allowing neo-classic style to no longer be restricting, giving the resident a comfortable and quiet city life that can be enjoyed the second he or she walks into the room.