Project Description

Aqua Salon

Celebration of nature and shared joy are the concepts behind the design. Due to unique geographic conditions, the designer induced abundant amount of light into the room, allowing morning dew and sunset glow to flow freely within. Spatial expression is shown on mirrors that consist of staggered geometric shape, creating within home and nature a place for spiritual exchange.

Open and spacious communal area serves as the place for art and social function. The designer believes that works of art, be it painting or sculpture, must be consciously and purposefully placed within a given space, for the union of art and space absolutely affects the lifestyle attitude of the resident.

Living room television shows “The Prince of Pop” Andy Warhol’s renowned work “Marilyn Diptych”. The fusion of strong visual art and technology creates a movable visual display that touches up the aesthetic space as well as exhibits the owner’s unbounded attitude of blending art into everyday living, allowing visitors to participate in the spiritual stroll through works of art.