Project Description

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The room uses lily white as the base tone to the neo-classic space. The subtle turquoise has the ability to settle the soul and sooth emotion. The elegant chaise longue in the living room allows one to fully relax like royalty after a long day’s work.

Open space kitchen with center island design strings together with the living room, allowing parents to keep an eye out on the children when preparing in the kitchen, increasing parent-child interaction. Linear center island couples with L-shape kitchen cabinets minimize waste of space to the walkway, allowing the remaining space to be fully utilized.

Hallway joining the foyer and the living room is adorned with detailed hand-crafted mirror cabinet and Venetian mirror, supplementing the lavish crystal wall light fixture. Even though the foyer is not constructed with imposing marble stone prints, guests who enter the door will still be pleasantly surprised.

Cake drawing hanging on the wall was hand-selected by the creative director. The artist uses vibrant lines and colors to outline a sweet image. Wrapped under the sugar coat, these flamboyant colors possess various worlds known or unknown to us – a fitting design for children’s room that is full of imagination.