Project Description

Fantasia Space, Fantasia Living

Fantasia interior design team combines professional design capabilities, integrating sensitivity to fashion and art as well as aesthetic element of floral art and arrangement to create neo-classical chic that is Fantasia Interior Design office.

Vintage European cobblestone floor from the original owner is preserved to inherit the traces of ancient culture in an effort to feel their attitude to life. Using the team’s creative work station as the origin and expand outwards, the reception area is organized at the entrance of the main hall and the inspiration of its design is chic contemporary classic. Combining the concept of an art gallery, hanging rails and lighting are strategically placed; through changes to the furnishing in the area, the reception hall gains new theatric tension. When collaborating with artist in Taiwan’s art industry, the room can instantly transform into an elegant art gallery; sculptures from overseas are placed to add new dimensions of fantasy mystery to the room. We use the magic power of furniture, furnishing, and art pieces to create a visual feast of fashion.

Walking through the picturesque and dream-like hallway, open concept center island section infused with contemporary chic comes into view. Echoing environmental issue is a panel of green vegetation by the wall that extends outdoor; center island area and long conference table with warm quality are surrounded by rich artistic vibe. During meetings, smell of coffee from Brazilian manor permeates in the air. While brainstorming, paintings rich in colors and abstract idea come into view, artfully blending both real and surreal visual impacts.