Project Description

Harmony of Blue and White

The space of this unit features a flowing circulation, clear distinctions between light and shadow, and an intermingling of different materials with richly-textured furniture, home decoration and lighting fixtures. These are all part of the designer’s ingenious planning and delicate designs, which quietly convey a mastery of design aesthetics featured by a sublime presentation.

The unit layout consists of three bedrooms and a living room. Since the proprietor’s family also lives in the same complex, the concept of “home” becomes the core design theme. Starting with the living room furniture arrangement, an irregularly-shaped coffee table sits at the center and surrounded by the main sofa, secondary sofa, a long bench and two café chairs.

The configuration enriches and personalizes the space while meeting the principle requirement of being able to seat many. Royal blue is the primary textile color chosen for the furniture, paired with neutral shades of gray fabric to blend and balance the marble and wood flooring. A staggered layered look is created via the use of various fabric cushions and the champagne gold color. Through design ingenuity encompassing neo-classical elements, the overall style and vision capture classical arcs, rounded lines and buckle details, which extend into the furniture design. In the living room / dining room public space, high-quality velvet covering of the furniture delivers an exquisite beauty and luxurious magnanimity for all five senses.

The creative concept of this case stems from the classical blue and white porcelain, which is one of the quintessential Chinese art forms. Through the use of a gentle white glaze as the primary color, cobalt blue soft furnishes establish a sense of magnanimity and quality for the space. Additional touches using French blue and gold colors creates a spatial style that intermingles neo-classics and traditional Chinese culture, which is representative of the L’atelier Fantasia design – low-key luxury that doesn’t abandon artistic considerations.