Project Description

Inner Peace

Located in the Beijing Central Business District (CBD), the luxury condominium, Inner Peace, designed by L’atelier Fantasia drew inspiration from the classic room 606 of the world’s first design hotel, Denmark SAS Royal Hotel. In this loft penthouse featuring a fabulous night view, modern artworks that echo the classic furniture by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, The Egg Chair, integrates natural, organic lines into the ample, airy space. As a result, a spacious visual effect like a work of sculpture is created, invoking relaxing feelings among the hustle and bustle of Central Business District. The design team shows an extraordinary ability among the Chinese interior design industry with every striking detail.
Additionally, Chiang introduced the concept of “round form” in her designs to smooth down the sharp edges of daily life. The round shape of the reception area along with the choice of furniture and decoration are all based on this concept. “Home is an accumulation of culture and sentiments. That is why the essence of my design is a circle. Family and friends sitting together in a circle, interacting and conversing in this space, accumulating the power of love,” said Chiang. The melt lighting pendants are the features of the dining room. Colors including dark blue, poppy red and moon yellow from the pendants seem to illuminate all the beauty the universe has to offer. Viewed from the mezzanine, the tops of the three tables in the living and dining room look like three exquisite paintings. The pattern design of natural jade dining table is that of the green tourmaline, which is the most precious gemstone except emerald. With a green tourmaline inlay, the jade dining tables exhibit the elegance and delicacy of precious stones in the East.

In addition to the refined, gorgeous and generous public areas, L’atelier Fantasia also focuses on private areas, such as the bedroom. “We spend one-third of our lives sleeping,“ emphasized the design team, “But, the importance of the workmanship and comfort of the bed are often underestimated.” Thus, L’atelier Fantasia takes care of every detail to provide a comfortable sleeping experience crucial to enhancing life quality. Members of royalty are well aware of the importance of sleep quality and the different comfort levels of beds, as can be seen in the story of The Princess and the Pea. As a result, L’atelier Fantasia has chosen the brand, Savoir Beds, used by the Queen of Britain, to emphasize its mission to providing a fulfilling level of life quality. Regarded as one of the world’s most luxurious sleeping systems, Savoir Beds elevates the concept of luxury from visual elements to tactile experiences. Selection of artworks has always been the forte of L’atelier Fantasia. Maintaining the unique principle of “expansion with one artwork,” L’atelier Fantasia has placed the artwork, “Mirror Flower, Water Moon” by Taiwanese artist Reding Ho in the study room. Inspired by the poetry of Pei Xiu from the Tang Dynasty, “Mirror Flower, Water Moon” brings to life an elusive, untouchable realm where illusion and reality are presented. Serving as the aesthetic core of the room, the work reflects the iridescent cloud on the round carpet in the entrance area. KAW’s street art is a perfect add-on for the space, exhibiting the design’s inclusive and diverse sense of creativity along with the conscious tension of contemporary art.